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Saving money is crucial to every living being, especially to young adult, because you most probably don’t have a high paying job (if you even have one) and your stream of income is really low. They say, that in order to save money is to spend less instead of earning more. But why not both at the same time? Today we will take a look at the saving part, and the earning bit comes next time.


Okay, we have to pay them, that is a fact. But, the thing that you may do is to try to cut off the things that you don’t need. Do you really need cable if the only thing you watch is Youtube videos? Probably not. Did you know some companies offer student discounts? Try to use them, because you can really save so much each month, that could be invested in any other way. Of course, how to lower the bill or to say the costs is another topic all on its own, so more on that some other time.


Some of the dollar stores offer some of the same products that normal stores have. Me personally, wouldn’t use dollar store for makeup, but for art supplies, cleaning supplies or if you want to spice up your apartment a bit it’s pretty great and cheap, so you don’t spend the whole paycheck just to have a clean house.


Planning your meals will help you eat healthily and saving money is a great plus, because you know, eating out is expensive.  Try it, you don’t have to make it a whole week, try to make it three days of planning just to get you started.

You can check daily deals, coupons, store brand products to save even more money! Different stores have different products that are really cheap, but my suggestion would be, to find a store that is cheap as a whole, because if you rotate and drive from one store to another, then the odds are you are spending more on gas than you are saving on groceries.



Buy online and get some money back. I shop a lot on eBay, Amazon and other online stores, so aside from getting a good deal, I can get even more cash back. Sign up here (this link) to get and extra 10$ when you spend 25$ or more! I think this is a great deal because you know, it’s like getting free money. You would spend money on the products anyway, so why not get some of it back?


They can be hella expensive. If you are not a bikini competitor or a bodybuilder you can skip the gym membership and try to get your exercise in by running, hiking, biking, at home weight lifting. Or you can actually search for exercise videos on youtube or invest in some of those programs on the internet (Insanity, Insanity Max 30 or such). They are great ways to get some sweat in.


You can’t get by buying only used products, but sometimes you can get amazing deals. Almost new appliance with warranty for an extremely cheap price, because the packaging has been opened. I don’t see why not since you help them out with getting rid of the things they don’t need and you get a thing that you need. Just watch that you don’t get burned while buying used because not everyone in this world is fair.


Everything you spend, track it. It’s part of a budget and at the end of the month, you can see which category is the biggest when it comes to your spending habits. You can then analyse your categories and find where you can cut even more. I personally use the app Toshl, so if you don’t already use one of the tracking apps, give this one a try.


This is it for this post, do you have any other tips how to save money (or how to earn it as well)? Let them down below so we can put it in our next post. Don’t worry, you will get acknowledged.

-tina von s

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  1. Buying used definitely makes a HUGE difference. I thrift shop for 95% of all of my clothes and sometimes I even forget that $5 for a pair of jeans is an AWESOME price. I hope to start visiting more dollar stores soon!

  2. buy used! yes! this saves so much money, and I still have yet to buy a new car because I have saved so much cash buying pre-owned! thanks for the tips. 🙂

  3. I have so much trouble budgeting and sticking to it, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. Thanks for the tip about eBates!

  4. These are good money saving tips. I always try to get a discount on my cable etc. and I never pay the full price. That stuff can definitely add up over time.

  5. I’ve recently started picking up some food items from the dollar tree just to try and it was pretty good. Like, their sausage. Anyway, these are really good tips. Thanks for the knowledge!

  6. Great list. I told my husband, the first thing I’ll cut if I can’t find a job is the gym. It’s only $73 a month, but I can just go walk/run outside and lift weights at home. There’s always a way to cut down!

  7. Try borrowing things that you’ll only use once or twice. Or have something you no longer need? Offer to swap it for something you do need. Local yardsale Facebook groups are excellent ways to find swaps.

  8. I’ve found that meal planning and rebate/discount systems like coupons, Ibotta, and Cartwheel have saved me a lot of money. All that dining out (especially during the work week) really adds up! I will have to check out the dollar store as well. I haven’t been there in a while, but remember that they had a ton of household cleaners and cute home accents like candles and frames at a super low cost. It may be time to revisit!

  9. I have just learnt about Ebates and I am thrilled and buying used is something I have been doing for a while now. Great tips thanks for sharing.

  10. Great list! Meal plans and food shopping have saved me so much over recent months – especially when it comes to lunch. I used to buy lunch every day which was insanely expensive. Now I plan ahead and order food as part of my main food shop and take my lunch to work with me. Can’t believe how much of a difference it has made!

    Dani x | http://www.flourishingfreelancer.com

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