The Liebster Award

Okay, so this happened. Gina from The Professional Woman Blog noticed my blog and she nominated me for the Liebster Award (she got one herself and she has an amazing blog, so I really recommend checking her out).

So what is Liebster Award? It is designed for smaller bloggers to get more exposure, which I think is a great way to support each other! I mean, we are all in this together, right? Like I already said, I was nominated by Gina so make sure to check out her post about the award.


As I follow the rules, I am nominating the following blogs:

Chloe from Ciao Chloe

Lesli from Organized Kaoss

Tommy from Life Of Sandy

Briana from My Spirited Lifestyle

Vânia from Vânia’s Lucky Guess

Chris from Trail Descents

So the part of this award is that your new readers get to know you, so she prepared me some question for me to answer.


What is your blog about?

Let’s say that I want to create this blog as a handbook to life. I blog about life, the process of adulthood and how to handle (almost) everything while growing up. So let’s say, that this blog is Jack of all the trades. Or at least I am trying to make it that way.

What made you create your blog?

Okay, so I moved out when I was 19, stepping my way to college. I found myself googling a lot of things, but sometimes it was already too late for that. I mean, now I know that I can’t use a dish soap in a washing machine and because I did not even think of googling that before hand, I had to learn that the hard way. And this is a thing I want to focus on. Make everyone’s life easier by telling them some tips and tricks, so they can avoid learning by their own mistakes.

What are your career/blogging aspirations?

Career wise? I have loads of plans, from A to Z. That does not mean, that I have everything figure it out. It just means that I have a lot of ideas what I want to do in life. This is how it looks like living with too many interests 🙂 Okay, so blog aspirations? I want to help other, but if I get some money rolling in, I mean, I wouldn’t complain.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Hopefully successfully moving forward in my studies, hopefully, have some kind of financial stability so I can hike more and travel more. But in general, enjoying life no matter where life gets me.

What do you like to do in your free time (besides blogging)?

What even is free time? I study law, I have a blog and I am trying to run my own online shop, I hike as much as I can, go on trips with my motorcycle. Oh, and I got myself into tattooing. So yeah, loads going on. So, what I do in my real free time? Usually, sleep or go grab a coffee. But not complaining, I enjoy all the things.

What advice do you have for woman looking to start their careers/blogs?

When you want something, go get it. When you think of something, do it. Don’t wait, just start. I had an idea and because I hesitated too much, someone beat me to it, and that happened too many times.

Where is one place you always wanted to visit?

All the places! No, but really, the one thing I always found interested in is Machupicchu and let’s say that Fiji sounds amazing as well.

If you had to choose two social media platforms to use for the rest of your life what would it be?

Can we say three? Facebook for sure, because all the convos happen there. The second one is much harder to choose. Twitter or Instagram. Not sure.

Top 3 tips/advice to be successful?

Nothing comes from nothing, so work hard. Stop perfecting, just finish and do your best. Failure doesn’t mean game over, it just gives you an opportunity to start again with more experience.

What is something about you that someone else can learn from?

Be kind to other people and don’t judge.

Okay,  so this was my part. Now it’s yours! Answer those question, so we can get to know you a little bit! Can’t wait to read your answers!

What made you venture into the blogging world?

Your favourite quote?

Any advice for new bloggers?

Where do you see yourself in one year, five years and ten years?

One thing no one knows about you?

What do you in your life? Free time, study and work wise,…

What is your top thing on your bucket list and why?

What is one thing you regret?

What is the thing you are most proud up to this date?

What is the best advice you were given?


-tina von s

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