The Art of Adulting 1

Some things about life and succesful adulting, from a bonafide adult:

  • Even if you get along great with your family, you will get along even better with them after moving out
  • Generic is almost always just as good as name brand
  • Just imagine the person on the other end of the phone hates talking on the phone as much as you do. Even a receptionist
  • You will go to the store to buy something under 10€ and your card will get rejected. No one will judge
  • Thrift stores
  • Everyone else is too busy panicking about everyone else noticing every tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about them, to notice any tiny thing that could possibly be wrong about you
  • You will screw up. A lot. You live and you learn. And when you start to think too hard about that embarrassing thing that happened and how you wish you could change it, just tell yourself that what’s done is done. There’s no changing it, so just forget it and move on. It’s the only way to stay sane.
  • Do the dishes before the sink grows its own ecosystem
  • You can’t put dishsoap in the dishwasher.
  • If you are the only one in the aisle at the grocery store, and you need to get from one end to the other without even looking at anything in that aisle, then you should totally cart-surf down the aisle. Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Hold on to the little things. They make all the difference.
  • Never try to make cake from scratch at 3am. You end up with a topographical map of Middle Earth.
  • The best way to get money for food is to tell your grandparents about how you basically live on microwaved mac and cheese. Their horror may result in twenty bucks and orders to go out and get yourself “a real dinner”.
  • Sometimes life sucks, and knowing that it might get better doesn’t always make it suck any less, but you’ll never get to the non-sucky days without enduring the suckiness.
  • Do not buy generic brand spaghetti sauce either.
  • Always check the type of light bulb that goes in lamps. A 60w is not interchangeable with a 40w.
  • Dollar store batteries work just as well as store brand.
  • Reward yourself from time to time when you do things that you needed to get done. It’s a good way to remind yourself to do them. Going out to pay a bill? Get Starbucks or something you don’t get often. Rewards don’t have to be huge, they can be small things like that.
  • Rice, pasta, flour, sugar, cheese, eggs, milk, a pack of chicken, a pack of frozen veggies and a well stocked spice cabinet go a long way food-wise. Splurge and get the biggest container of rice you can. You don’t have to go back and buy it again anytime soon and it makes a TON of meals in the meantime.
  • Rice can be cooked on the stove. You don’t need a fancy rice cooker. Two parts water to every one part rice. Get your water boiling, add rice, put a plate or lid on it, put it on low for 20 minutes. It should be done.
  • Keep a calendar on your pc of bill due dates. If your bills are set up at inconvenient times, like all of the services started on the first or something, then call up the company and find out if you can get your billing date switched to something more manageable. A lot of places do try to work with you.



-tina von s

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  1. Ahh wow there are so many tips! These are all so useful but the one that stands out to me are the unmatched socks. There are so many I’m our house! Hello dust cloths! Ree love3p

    1. I know! One way of getting around that is, just buying a lot of the same pairs of socks. I have a full drawer of only black socks. Works like a charm 🙂

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