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Last time we already talked about saving money. Remember? Like I kind of promised I am giving you some tips on how to earn a little bit more money on the side, if you are lucky, maybe even a full income, so you don’t get broke in your college days and you won’t have to get a sugar daddy to get by month by month. 


There are a lot (and when I say a lot, I really do mean a lot) of survey companies out there. I’ve been a member of some of them, but only some of them earned me some money. This method is nice because you can do them in your spare time, while watching TV, or even do them while you are on a bus or waiting in line. I did make some extra money, but I only clicked on the link when I feel liked it, but I like to think that earnings are endless.


Virtual assistants do online work for other people and they can be more specialised in one thing than another. So basically you can pay bills for busy people, managing social media accounts for bloggers and media influencers, make plans and organise things for other people. Sounds like you? Try to offer your organisations skills on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.


Do you just love critiquing things and you have an eye for websites and apps? You can earn some extra money with screen recording and commentary of your user experience and send them back. Usually, the pay is around 10 dollars for every video you complete, so not bad, right? If you see yourself in that, try it, I definitely think it’s worth a shot. 


Do you have an eye for design? Try making logos, pins for Pinterest, Instagram images, banners, flyers,… A nice way to start without any investment in a legit website for business is Fiverr. I know I already mentioned it, but I love it. Prices start at 5$ and you can add extras such as extra fast delivery, more options, revisions,…


I heard a lot of companies actually hire people to do their customer service from home? If you are communicative, a problem solver and good with people, this can be something you can look into it.


I know this could go by design skills, but I think that it is a little bit different. If you have an eye for aesthetic and you are not to shabby in the grammar areia, then go for it.

You can try different websites (again Fiverr) or just post them around your campus, local job boards, craiglists,… You can even sell resume templates by Etsy, offer Linkedin profiles revamping,… Options are limitless,…


Do you know stuff? Consider sharing your knowledge with others and get paid for it! There are actually some ways you can do this, you can try the old fashioned way, by getting a student and have them come by your place (or you go there) and teach them like that. But lately, because of the whole internet things, you can tutor online! Offer Skype sessions and you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

You can set your own hours, decide how many students you will have, basically total freedom.


You can write an e-book, put a lot of work in now and enjoy your profits later (basically for the rest of your life). Basically no investment, just your time. Okay, maybe I would recommend a proofreader and maybe a designer to make it appealing but that’s about it. You don’t have to put in any money for the actual printing of the book. Write it, put it on Amazon, market it and voila! There you have it.


I know, I already mentioned VA and managing social media, but I think it deserves its own point. Times has changed and social media is a must in these days. And this is exactly why it’s an amazing idea to reach out to local businesses (that don’t have social media or they are not using it efficiently) and offer them your service, or find them online if anyone is searching for a social media manager. It helps if you have some experience and something to show them, but what is important is that you show them the importance of social media and kind of tell them where this could go.


Let’s say that this is tutoring and e-book combined. But in a video format. You can teach people different things and skills set and the thing is similar to an e-book. You create it, market it and then you have a passive income. You really don’t have much work to do anymore.


Do you have a lot of ____ (insert your social media here) followers? Then you can earn some extra money by just promoting advertisers services or whatever do they offer. It’s a sweet and simple gig, so maybe you should try it.


It’s simple! There are two ways to do this. You can make a design and sell it on websites like Etsy or you could try the drop shipping method. Meaning, you design a T-shirt and make money from it without having to deal with gathering the material, printing, shipping,…

There are actually a lot of websites that offer you the same services and the plus side, you are not limited to using only one. You can upload your design on a few of them and watch the money rolling in. If you are interested the ___ is one of the most known, but check the PDF file to find more.

13. SEO

Or search engine optimisation. People want to get noticed on the internet and this is one way to go. Try to learn the basics of SEO and just practice, because it takes some skill to get it right and results are not always seen right away. Also, Google (as one of the biggest search engines) are changing the algorithms, so that is why it’s that much bigger skill to master.


Do you speak multiple languages? This can be a great thing you can pursue in, you can translate different documents for people. You can always offer your services as in already mentioned before form, or you could use some sites that connects translators and those who are searching for one.


E-commerce is big these days, people don’t have time to drive to the shop and buy the things they need. So why not setup a website (which is not that hard to do these days) and sell fun or useful things to people? You know, there is a way that you don’t have to deal with all the packaging and shipping part? It’s called drop shipping and you should really look it up. You can easily setup a drop shipping site via Shopify, but if you are a little bit craftier and tech savvy, you can use some free resources (WooCommerce, Magenta, OpenCart, Prestashop) and the only thing you have to make is to buy your website hosting (you can get an amazing deal here)


This is a no-brainer. We all know at least one Youtuber who gets paid for only posting videos on the internet. Sounds amazing right? Because of that a lot of people are trying to succeed in the Youtube world, so it can be a hard thing to do, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Okay, similar to Youtube, so I could just copy and paste the things I already wrote there. You can use Affiliate marketing such as Awin, have ads, get paid


Well duh.. Sell those shoes that you never wear, or that T-shirt that you have had in your closet since forever and get some money rolling in. You can sell almost everything you have (don’t go overboard tho, you can soon be without anything) because probably, there will be someone, who will want to buy that. I mean, have you seen some stuff on eBay?


You can basically rent out anything. From your car, flat, room, bike,… You can even rent yourself as a friend!

It’s a great way to get some extra money for the things that you don’t use because probably you are not using your car every day, right? (That is different from person to persons, so please, don’t mind me, I am just making blindless assumptions).


I wanted to put this into pet and house sitting topic, but I don’t think it’s appropriate. Something just didn’t feel right. If you like babies or toddlers, this is something to try yourself in. A good place to start is to ask your parents, neighbours, if they know someone in need of a babysitter, or make a flyer and hang it around your local area (try to have some experience before hand, so you are not a complete rookie when it comes to kids)


This is not an earning money hack. Well not completely. It’s more of a discount. Or cash back. However you look at it. Basically, you spend money on the things you would already be meant to do and get cash back in your bank account. I use Ebates and I ‘earned’ quite some money (and they also give you 10$ if you spend 25$, so this is actually free money!).


If you have a car, then use that. You can drive people around (Uber and things like that), I think that being a taxi driver actually requires some kind of licence, so be careful if you try to do something like that.

Okay, the point of this point is, have ads on your car. It depends on how much kilometres you do on a daily basis and what kind of company you promote, on how much money you are going to make. Nevertheless, at least you can cut down your gas bill a little bit, so that’s always good.


You go to the shop, you act a customer and then you review the company on how the employees were treating you, on how they handle a different situation, how clean the store is,… Have you ever watched Undercover Boss? Something like that, it’s just that you are not the boss and you probably don’t have that much knowledge about the company. So you are just winging it and expressing your feelings about the company, because of the customer’s opinion.


Are you great at taking photos and do you think they can be used for promotional things too? Try to sell them and people can use them for promotional content, on their blogs,… To be honest, I don’t know a lot about this, because, well, my pictures suck, but it’s worth a shot.


Someone goes on a vacation and they pay you to live in their house in the mean time? Well yeah! Sometimes they even give you a pet to hang out with (actually to pet sit, but I mean, animals! You can’t say no to them. Well if you are allergic, but otherwise,… Okay, to each their own). Also, you can get some travelling in the time, because you can house sit on the other side of the world!


To be honest, I don’t know what I wanted to write at this point because the only thing that comes to mind is to deliver food (PostMates). I mean we don’t have that in our country, but the principle is nice and useful… Pretty great idea actually.


I have a whole new blog post just for that topic prepared, but it’s a great way to earn money in a long run. Try to research some before investing, but such as 25$ a month can still get you a long way. I am linking some great websites that kind of explain investing for students and I think it’s a great starting point to get you started: CollegeInfoGeek


So here are some ideas, how you can earn some extra money on the side. So I also prepared a ‘cheatsheet’ with all of the links to various websites that you can use for earning money, so if you are interested, put your email below and I’ll send it over to you. So you don’t have to google anything, everything is already available to you at your own fingertips.

What do you think? Have you used any of them and how did it work?

-tina von s

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