During A Weightloss…

dusting a weightloss

Weight loss is all fun and games… Okay, it’s not. It’s hard. I did it and I am still doing that. I still have some weight to shed, but I think I am going in the right direction. When losing weight, there are some of the changes that happen, which I wasn’t quite aware of at first.

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New Start, New School Year

New School Year

For me, new school year means not only the start of a new semester but also new school – I’ll be attending university this year – and new city, since I am moving. The move is not really far away, only around 100km from my home city, but it is still a chance to start new. I am quite excited about that. What am I not excited? College. I am quite afraid of that. I am going to be attending law, meaning I will have to do loads of studying. And on top of all of that, I don’t even know if the subject interests me. I signed up for law school, just because I didn’t know where to go. Not the best idea…

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Coping With Disappointment

How to cope with dissapointmentEveryone faces some kind of disappointment in life. Small or big, doesn’t matter. The thing that makes a difference is how a person copes with it. There are people who choose to sit around and whine about it, while there are some who try to cope with it the best they can. I’m not saying there is a right and a wrong way to cope with disappointment, but in my opinion, there is some stuff you can do to make disappointment easier for you.

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Take Care Of Your Skin


Skin is a tricky thing. Everyone’ skin is different and requires different treatments, meaning there is not an absolute universal product that would result in getting a clear skin. If you are born with clear skin, then may I just say: Lucky you!

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